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Short Sale Options



  • Are you behind on mortgage payments or may be soon?
  • Has your income been reduced by a lost job or less pay?
  • Do you have an adjustable rate mortgage - and when it adjusts the payment will go up?
  • Is your mortgage higher than the value of your home?
  • Have you suffered from an illness or death in the family?
  • Are you paying your bills with credit cards - depleting savings - selling "things"?
  • Are you self employed or an independent contractor who has suffered loss of income?

What is your real estate commission to short sale our property?

Our services won't cost you a penny!  Our fee and most all your closing costs are paid by your Lender.  We understand the financial difficulties and design our services to help homeowners find a solution to their mortgage problem.  Below is a partial list of the services we offer:

  • We help you avoid foreclosure and eviction
  • Act as the liaison between you and your Lenders
  • Provide you and your Lender with all the proper documents to expedite the sale of your property and minimize damage to your credit
  • Aggressively market your property through the Internet and hard copy advertising
  • Help you to sell your home and leave it with dignity - we don't hang "SHORT SALE" riders on our signs - to advertise to your neighbors - unless you request us to do so
  • We refer a credit reparation professional to help you restore your credit so that you can be in a new home sooner than you may think possible

Wondering if you would qualify? Complete the confidnetial information form below and we will be happy to answer any additional questions


What is a Short Sale?

A short sale occurs when a homeowner sells their property for less than the amount owed to the Lender.
A short sale requires the approval of the Lender(s), PMI company or government agency, (a third party).  

What is a Hardship?

A hardship is a life changing event for a homeowner which results in their inability to make their mortgage payments.

What is HAFA?

HAFA - Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative is a Government created program to help the Homeowner AVOID the difficult foreclosure process  - and the Lender MUST release the Seller of any unpaid balance on their mortgage. 

If an Owner/Seller qualifies for the HAFA program they will receive $3000 to re-locate. 

One of the requirements for HAFA is that you owner occupy the property.

How do I know if I qualify for a short sale?

Call us today for a confidential interview - we have advanced our education and help you determine if your Lender will consider you for their short sale program.

What is required from me if I decide to short sale my home?

Sign a listing agreement, (our commission and Seller closing costs are paid by your Lender).

Cooperate with access, showings, offers and your Realtor.

Provide all written documentation of hardship as requesxted by your Lender(s) and Realtor.

If I am behind on payments, or have been notified of a foreclosure - can I still short sale my home and stay in it?

YES,  YES - Please don't hesitate to call us today ... and don't move out of your home - please.  You can leave your home with dignity - and again - there are relocation fees available for Homeowners, from many of the Lenders.  Your Lender does not want to foreclose on your home - allow us to show you how and why.

How will a short sale impact my credit verses a foreclosure?

A foreclosure will have a HUGE impact on your credit and will not be removed from your credit report.  If you "walk away" and allow a foreclosure to happen, it can take 7-10 years before you can buy another home.  The wait time for a short sale, if you are in default differ, depending on the loan you have, wait time to purchase another home is usually 2 - 3 years, some instances less, it depends on your circumstances.

What other options do I have?

Forebearance agreement; Loan modification; Deed in lieu of foreclosure.  A short sale is one of the best options available to you, if you cannot qualify for a refinance or loan modification and we recommend it before a DIL.

We can answer your questions and provide you with the best short sale service in the industry. We can say that because we have. We foresaw this market coming and educated ourselves to help save people from foreclosure, AND HAVE - people - like you.  Arizona has been hit hard - we are at the top of the list - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

For more information PLEASE don't hesitate to call or contact us by completing and submitting the form above.  All information is confidential.

If we cannot answer your questions, we have attorneys and accountants who are willing to help you - so please avoid the difficult foreclosure process and call us today.



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